You Can Drive This Life-Size Lexus Made Out of Cardboard

THIS IS A car made out of cardboard. No, really.

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More specifically, this is a full-scale replica of a Lexus IS, built entirely out of the corrugated paper material. Go ahead and gawk (we did, too).

The handiwork is from the clever folks at LaserCut Works and Scales and Models, who designed the car based on the original CAD files of the IS. The designers took that file and using a laser cutter sliced it up into 1,700 10-mm pieces of cardboard that were then painstakingly glued together to create the body. Lexus says every piece of cardboard was given a reference number to ensure that it was assembled in the right order, and each piece had to set for 10 minutes before it could be moved. In total, the process took three months.

Every detail—the logo-stamped wheel hubs, the ridges in the leather seats, the smooth, clean lines on the car’s body—are made from the material. It looks strikingly similar to the real thing. Except, you know, it’s cardboard. And the craziest part of all? You can actually drive this thing, thanks to the electric motor it’s got hidden inside.

This article was originally published in Wired

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